World of Maths Testimonial- 16th December 2008

Woldsnoham School

Nikki Shepherd

See you again next December.

World of Maths Testimonial- 8th November 2010

Yangebup Primary School, Western Australia

Melanie Forbes

Teachers had as much fun as the kids.


World of Maths Testimonial- 28th January 2009

Carriuslion Junior, Bucks

Mrs Cless

An excellent presenter – brought activity to an end effectively, well organized and flexible.


World of Maths Testimonial- 17th March 2008

The Spinney Junior School Cooks Spinney, Harlow, Essex CM20 3BW

Teacher Comments:

Excellent content and delivery. Children made aware of maths in different contexts, and encouraged to plan and work in teams.

World of Maths Testimonial- 7th February 2011

Porepunkah, Victoria.

Dianne Scott

It was well organized. Matt explained explicitly. The activities were fantastic. Matt directed students when necessary. All students listened carefully and participated fully.

World of Maths Testimonial- 9th November 2010


School: Yangebup Primary School, Western Australia

Teacher :
Cheryl Bajgerytsch

Having older students who acted as leaders and provided mentoring during activities was great for co-operation and learning.

World of Maths Testimonial- 4th April 2011


School: St Frances De Sales Primary School – Oak Park, Victoria

Teacher: Louise Monorieff

Thanks! The kids loved it; presenter was great.

Students Comments:

  • Fun but some was a bit hard and sometime it was confusing.
  • It took a lot of team work.
  • It challenged me.
  • I loved the hands on.
  • I thought it was fun and challenging and you needed to work with your team.
  • Some of the activities were really good à the block building one was my favourite.
  • It was really educational because it covered a lot of area and it was challenging but it wasn’t too difficult.