About World of Maths

We are an interactive travelling maths show with unique activities designed and hand-made by us.

In 1990, an Australian maths teacher developed hands-on maths activities for his kids. He could see the link between problem-solving and learning, and extended this approach to schools.

Since then, we have continued crafting activities that use real-life examples and that meet the school curriculums. We have hidden all kinds of complex maths problems in our activities. This means students instead focus on the full sensory experience to come up with solutions – listening, watching, reading, speaking, and manipulating ideas with their hands.

We cater for all learning abilities. The activities are safe to use and encourage students to go at their own pace and ability. There are no expectations – it’s all about the learning journey, it doesn’t necessarily matter what the outcome is, as long as everyone ‘gives it a go’.

Our team love what we do. We are passionate about making a difference because we believe every student deserves an opportunity to learn in unique ways.