Frequently Asked Questions

You might find what you’re looking for here, otherwise please contact our team anytime with your queries.

How many students can attend?

We can facilitate 2 to 3 classes at a time – this means 50 to 70 students, with a teacher supervising each class. The students will be working in groups of 3-5, but don’t worry, there are enough activities to go around.

How much does it cost?

As the prices vary on the location of the school and numbers of student please contact our team for a more detailed quote.

How do we book?

Complete the form on this website, email us: or speak to our team by calling 1800 634 218. Remember to book in advance, as our term calendar fills up very quickly.

You will need to provide school details including student numbers and a school timetable so that we can arrange a session that best fits your schedule.

We are fully insured with public liability insurance.

What is included in the booking?

You will receive a confirmation booking with the presenters name, a timetable and an agreement outlining any legal information. We will send you: a parent letter template, feedback forms, teacher and student worksheets for printing out. We will send a trained facilitator with relevant clearance checks. All our presenters are incredibly fun and engaging.

Your school will need to arrange a suitable space to setup activities (eg multi-purpose area/hall/library) with 15 tables.

How long are the sessions?

We can dedicate up to 70 minutes for junior primary students. And 90 minutes for grades 5 to 9.

Students work at their own pace within their groups. All activities are numbered to help keep students on track.

At the end of the session, the facilitator will help integrate and reinforce what the students have learned.

What maths concepts are covered?

The chosen activities for your session are specific to the year levels. All activities are designed to meet the Australian school curriculum.

We have hidden all kinds of complex math problems in our fun and interactive activities. Each activity is a guided discovery lesson, where the students solve a variety of problems that apply maths to the real world. Students discover number patterns, sequencing, identify geometric properties, use graphs and statistics, experience chance data, use measurement and much more.

Can our school book each year?

Of course, we have over 150 unique activities which are refreshed each year.

Our talented craftsman creates new ones and repairs any that have been well-loved by students during the sessions.

Will the teachers need to be trained?

No, but we recommend the teachers are present to supervise their class. Our facilitators have been fully trained, and we make sure that they are fun and engaging for the students. Teachers will also receive a booklet with questions and answers.

What COVID-19 measures are in place?

We have made a number of changes to prevent the transmission of COVID-19. Only one facilitator in excellent health will attend the school. All activities will be arranged further apart, to encourage students to keep 1.5 metre apart. All activities will be wiped down after each session with hospital grade disinfectant.

We continue to seek advice from the Department of Health and Education to ensure we are supporting you in the best possible way.

Do you cater for disability and special needs?

Absolutely, all activities are safe to use, have lots of sensory benefits and cater for different learning abilities – they are designed for everyone to enjoy at their own pace. We have seen that learning by doing – ‘experiential learning’ – is particularly beneficial for students with any learning difficulties.

How do we measure student performance?

During the session students can be observed directly working on activities and recording answers and outcomes. Student performance and ability can then be measured through recorded worksheet answers. There may be more than one answer or outcome for some of the activities. Teachers are provided with an answer booklet which has follow on work and outlines the math skills applied for each activity.

Can we purchase the activities?

All our activities are hand-crafted by our talented craftsman. Unfortunately, they are not for sale, but if you would like to discuss this further please feel free to contact our team.